The 1942 School Year

Quick reminder: the next event in the Historical Society’s calendar is the Scott Sanders program this coming Sunday, July 31.

Another page from the facsimile 1942 Bryan High School annual donated by Phyllis Jackson to the Yellow Springs Historical Society.

Handwritten personal events were added (“met Holten”, “was in accident”, “first date with Holtio”).

School opened and all the Bryanites tripped merrily to school…..the Fall Carnival was a great success.

The Seniors gave their super dance, “Goblins Night Out”…..Our teachers attended the Central Ohio Teachers’ Meeting, and we enjoyed a short vacation.

The basketball season opened with a bang!…..we beat St. Brigid…..the teachers had another meeting, this time at Beaver…..the Juniors entertained with the “Fall Festival Swing”…..the stork carried Anne to the Fristoe abode….Thanksgiving vacation for two whole days.

Decorating their room in lively Christmas colors was the result of a Senior party…..Santa arrived at the Christmas party…..Eureka! we’re off for a swell vacation…..Mr. Turner left us to enter defense work.

We all come back to school… more New Year’s resolutions to break… day without a science teacher…..hello, Mr. Bailey…..need we say anything about semester exams…..we hated to see Mr. Fristoe go to New York.

Mr. Altenbernd came to join our happy throng…..”Toni” A. arrived in Cleveland…..hearts were flyin’ at the Valentine Dance by the Freshmen…..we wound up the basketball season as Champs at the County Tournament and the proud owner of 3 trophies…..floroscoping is fun, isn’t it?

To play in the district tournament made us mighty proud…..the S. S. Sophomore sailed in honor of St. Patrick…..3 lonely Seniors trooped to the scholarship test in Xenia.

The bus left for the scholarship tests in Jamestown and returned with 1 first and 2 seconds…..a rest and Spring vacation…..the daughters brought their mothers to a banquet…..the Eighth grade spent their morning on tests…..County spelling tests came next…..the Juniors were displaying their rings, Seniors passing out cards.

The grade school represented Yellow Springs at the County Music Festival…..the Seniors gave “One Mad Night”…..the one night in the year, Junior-Senior Prom……baccalaureate and commencement are our last fairwells…..but not before final exams…..goodbye to all our high school days…..


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Inside the “Other Carr House”

This weekend’s weather makes it tempting to stay indoors, so it might be of interest to see what “indoors” was like about a hundred years ago.

The exterior of the Thaddeus Carr  house on Corry Street was covered in a previous post. Now here are two photos from the Carr-Brewster-Botsford collection have been tentatively identified as interiors from the same house.

front-room-possibly-in-thad-carr-home indoor-scene_possibly-T-Carr-home


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The Torch Is Passed…Followup

Last week’s post highlighting the experience of Shakespeare Under the Stars at Antioch elicited a response from one whose father had worked on the original project. Thanks to Julie Steinhilber for providing additional photographs.

The current production of Much Ado About Nothing by the Yellow Springs Theater Company on the Antioch College lawn continues this weekend.

Antioch stageshakespeareStageShakespeare poster

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From the Antioch Bookplate Archives — into the 70s with Symbols

Although bookplate catalogs changed format in the 1970s, there continued to be separate catalogs for the general bookstore and Christian vendors.

In the new catalogs for general booksellers B-68 was a colorized version of M-778, and B-81 was designed by Tom Till as a tribute to the emerging concern for ecology. In W-31 Owen Wise developed the lion rampant, a frequent symbolic element in heraldry.

Antioch bookplate W-31


Antioch bookplate B-68


Antioch bookplate B-81


The following bookplates were specifically developed for use by churches,




Christian schools and other organizations, particularly for presentations and donations. B-83 and B-87 both had alternate versions (B-82 and B-86, respectively) without “In memory of…”in the imprint area.

Antioch bookplate B-83


Antioch bookplate B-84


Antioch bookplate B-85


Antioch bookplate B-87


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Scott Sanders Gives Program July 31

If one looks up in the East Gym of the Antioch College Wellness Center, one can see a mural  of puzzling figures. For those wishing to learn about the mural, the Yellow Springs Historical Society will sponsor an illustrated talk by Antioch College archivist Scott Sanders on Sunday, July 31, at 2;00 pm  in the Yellow Springs Senior Center Great Room. Sanders will cover the story of Social Realist painter and muralist Gilbert Wilson, the mural in what is now the Wellness Center, how he involved the Antioch College class of 1938 in assigning himself the project, its execution, interpretation of various parts of the mural, public reactions and some history subsequent to its creation.
The program is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.
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The Torch Is Passed…

The Yellow Springs Historical Society recently received some material collected by the late Mary E. Morgan, among which were photographs taken by John Ott.

The Ott photos in this post were taken at the original Shakespeare Under the Stars festival at the same location where Shakespeare will once again be produced by the Yellow Springs Theater Company for the next few weekends.



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The Nature of Yellow Springs

This photograph from the Carr collection does not have any identification of the subjects or the location, but it certainly represents the way many Yellow Springs residents interact with their surroundings (namely, Glen Helen and John Bryan State Park).


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1910s Cemetery Record – Pages 6 and 7

[missing scans found]

Among the causes of death more common a hundred years ago, such as diseases like typhoid fever, a couple of terms are found which the casual reader may not have encountered:

“Phthisis” – which looks like a misprint, but is the accurate spelling and refers to a specific tuberculosis condition.

“Inanition” – exhaustion caused by lack of nourishment, but whether the lack of nourishment was due to poverty or debility due to disease is not always indicated.

There was also one rather startling incidence of suicide by carbolic acid.

Pages such as these might make a fascinating exercise for a writing class, where participants might create a biography for a selected person.

The index to all pages can be found here.


Page 6
Sept. 18, 1911 — Mary Fisher Donaker — Fibroid Phthisis  — Country near Yellow Springs, Ohio
Sept. 20, 1911 — Wm. Smith — Appoplexy [sic] — Springfield, Ohio
Sept. 22, 1911 — Sallie Julia Howell — Chronic nephritis — Yellow Springs, Ohio
Sept. 29, 1911 — Ella Victoria Jackson — Inanition caused by cholera [?] —Springfield, burial in Yellow Springs, O.
Oct. 1, 1911 — David Ed. Currie — Suicide, carbolic acid —Yellow Springs, Ohio
Oct. 7, 1911 — John S. Fry — Typhoid fever — Country near Yellow Spgs., O.
Oct. 8, 1911 — Albert Jas. Esterline — Transverse myelitis [acute spinal cord inflammation] — Yellow Spgs., Ohio
Oct. 22, 1911 — Susanna Johnson — Accidental, fell down stairs — Yellow Spgs., Ohio
Oct. 24, 1911 — Eva Louise Woodford — Typhoid fever — Wilberforce, near
Oct. 29, 1911 — Emma Louise Confer — Inanition — Yellow Spgs., Ohio
Nov. 16, 1911 — Evelyn [Teelo?] — Dropsy — Springfield, Ohio
Nov. 29, 1911 — Rozie O. Confer — Pneumonia — Yellow Spgs., Ohio
Dec. 4, 1911 — Francis A. Fry —Typhoid — near Yellow Spgs., Ohio


Page 7
Dec. 10, 1911 — Elizabeth R. DeNormandie — Senility – age — Yellow Spgs., Ohio
Dec. 15, 1911 — Chas. H. Winters — Senile Debility — Yellow Spgs., Ohio
Dec. 25, 1911 — Mintie Smith — Pneumonia — Near Yellow Spgs., Ohio
Jan. 10, 1912 — Mary F. Pennell — [?] Myocarditis — Rockford, Ill.
Jan. 27, 1912 —Abel M. Wilder — Old age (92) — Yellow Spgs., Ohio
Feb. 4, 1912 — Sarah Holverstott — Mitral insufficiency — Near Yellow Spgs., Ohio
Feb. 6, 1912 — E, [Tourmier?] — Tuberculosis of bowels — Springfield, Ohio
Feb. 24, 1912 — Geo. H. Bailey — Acetomania Diabetes — Springfield, Ohio
Feb. 29, 1912 — Helen May Smith — Tonsillitis — Yellow Spgs., Ohio
March 15, 1912 — Henry B. Hopping — Operation, Enlarged prostate — Springfield, Ohio
March 24, 1912 — John McDavid Garrison — Bronchial Pneumonia — Yellow Spgs., Ohio
March 26, 1912 — Martha Amanda Mowdy — Organic heart disease — Country near Cedarville, Ohio
March 26, 1912 — Mary Ellen Owens — Organic heart disease — Country near Yellow Spgs., Ohio

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Bryan High School 1942 – Ads

Among the miscellaneous documents donated by Phyllis Jackson were some pages from the 1942 annual from Bryan High School, and this post shares the ads included (other sections will be shared in alter posts).

The annual at the time was 32 pages card stock, with additional card-stock covers. Note that the lettering and “clip art” were all hand drawn.

Another facet of life in 1942 to note is that the phone numbers were but 3 digits long.

Bryan-1942_Ads-1a Bryan-1942_Ads-1c Bryan-1942_Ads-2a Bryan-1942_Ads-2b



Bryan-1942_Ads-2d Bryan-1942_Ads-2e

Bryan-1942_Ads-3a Bryan-1942_Ads-3b Bryan-1942_Ads-3d Bryan-1942_Ads-3e Bryan-1942_Ads-4a Bryan-1942_Ads-4b Bryan-1942_Ads-4d Bryan-1942_Ads-4e Bryan-1942_Ads-5a Bryan-1942_Ads-5b Bryan-1942_Ads-5d Bryan-1942_Ads-5e Bryan-1942_Ads-6a Bryan-1942_Ads-6b Bryan-1942_Ads-6d Bryan-1942_Ads-6e







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Selling Food

For those lucky enough not to worry about affording enough to eat, food is available in a remarkable array of circumstances: gargantuan superstores, human-scale (and customer-responsive) neighborhood groceries, farmers’ markets, restaurants, food trucks, and festivals. And even though formal dinner parties may be something of a fading social event, we still use food to socialize and celebrate.

This photo from  the Kahoe glass negative collection is labeled “Grocery store bakery?” and does not identify the particular Yellow Springs business in which it was taken, but it does demonstrate what a Yellow Springs shopper might find (including straw hats and baskets).


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