Downtown Summer

People in summer clothing strolling downtown with dogs and bicycles, small tables for outdoor eating — a familiar summer Yellow Springs sight.

Look again — the Casa Peru sign outside what is today the Yellow Springs Senior Center, the “76” sign instead of “BP” — indications that these summer shoppers are strolling through the downtown of about 50 years ago.

(photo courtesy of Antiochiana)

(photo courtesy of Antiochiana)

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From the Antioch Bookplate Archives — 1930s/1940s part 10

Several of these bookplates have the designer’s monogram, and although the records no longer exist to confirm, because the same monogram was used on bookplate designs for which there are existing records a reasonable guess can be made as to the artist responsible.

M-17 is signed “RBS” — likely Robert B. Sprague.

M-19 is signed “FD” — likely Francis Dawson, and the lettering style of “Ex Libris” would tend to confirm it.

M-24 is not signed at all, but the format is identical to the seahorse design known to be done by Balfour Ker.

Antioch bookplate F-633


Antioch bookplate F-634


Antioch bookplate F-638 or M-44

F-638 or M-44

Antioch bookplate M-17


Antioch bookplate M-19


Antioch bookplate M-23


Antioch bookplate M-24


Antioch bookplate M-28


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Looking Back at Center Stage — 1985-1986

YSCSLogo-Collage1985 and 1986 continued to be busy years for Center Stage, with guest performances by Little Miami Theater Works and the Mount Hope West Virginian Touring Company added to local productions (including the continuing project of presenting all the Gilbert & Sullivan operettas).



Bell, Book and Candle

Bell, Book and Candle

BellBook-bwFebruary 15-17 and 21-24, 1985 — by John van Druten, directed by Rebecca Eschliman




Forgotten Crossroads

Forgotten Crossroads

ForgottenXrdsApril 5-7 and 11-14, 1985 — guest performance by Little Miami Theater Works, written and directed by Jeffrey Hooper





ColeMay 24-26 and 30-31, June 1-2, 1985 — by Allen Strachan and Benny Green, directed by Jerry Boswell







July 19-21 and 25-26, August 1-4, 1985 — by Gilbert and Sullivan, directed by Jean Hooper with musical direction by Ruth Bent




Entertaining Mr. Sloane

Entertaining Mr. Sloane

October 25-27 and November 1-3, 1985 — by Joe Orton, directed by Jerry Boswell




Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

November 29-30, December 1, 5-8 and 12-14, 1985 by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Weber, directed by Jack Bradford








January 10-12, 1986 — guest performance by the Mount Hope West Virginian Touring Company written by Jerome Alden





The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters

February 28, March 1-2 and 6-9, 1986 by Anton Chekhov, directed by Tony Dallas




The Last Song of John Proffit

The Last Song of John Proffit

April 4-6 and 10-13, 1986 — guest performance by Little Miami Theater Works, written by Tommy Thompson





The Chalk Garden

The Chalk Garden

May 16-18 and 22-25, 1986 by Enid Bagnold, directed by Meredith Dallas




Utopia Limited

Utopia Limited

July 18-20, 24-27 and 31, August 1-3, 1986 — by Gilbert and Sullivan, directed by Jean Hooper with musical direction by Ruth Bent




The Unexpected Guest

The Unexpected Guest

October 24-26 and 30-31, November 1-2, 1986 — by Agatha Christie, directed by Grant Haworth



The Gift of the Magi

The Gift of the Magi

December 12-14 and 18-21, 1986 — an original musical by Peter Ekstrom, directed by Jean Hooper with musical direction by Karen Lutz


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Summer Bounty

Now that summer has officially started Farmers’ Market is in full swing, and local gardeners are beginning to see the fruits of their labor.

Although the following photograph from the collection of Antiochiana is unlabeled, it may be of Thaddeus P. Carr of Carr Nurseries, whose 1898 catalog has been reproduced in a series of blog posts (index here).


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Crossing Currents of History

It is often said that time is like a river, and there are certain weeks when the river’s currents show eddies that merit particular attention.

Much of Yellow Springs’ history is inextricably intertwined with that of Antioch College, so it is only right to note a new milestone with the first graduation ceremony of the revived college this weekend (is it possible that Antioch College holds the record for the most times for a college to be closed and reopened?). The dedication of everyone involved — students, staff, faculty, alumni — is to be applauded.

Several exhibits and presentations commemorating the Civil Rights Movement connected revived Antioch College to the values of its earlier incarnation, and current events have shown in a most appalling fashion how rough that current of history still flows. One of the exhibitions, the National Exhibiton on 1961 Freedom Riders, remains open through June 26 at the Coretta Scott King Center, and the photographic exhibit “Danny Lyon: Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement” continues through August 7.

Ohio-Chautauqua-2015Included with this week’s Yellow Springs News was a “Companion Reader” for the 2015 Ohio Chautauqua, taking place in Clifton between June 30 and July 4, with spinoff events in other local communities. The Chautauqua is both a valuable mirror of history in and of itself and a welcome revival of a cultural movement with strong ties to Antioch College in decades past (and subject of a previous blog post here).


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Public Records Curiosities — Criminal Case Docket

mtTreasures_rIn the early days of local government the Justice of the Peace was responsible for the legal responsibilities now assigned to county courts. Among the public records which are supposed to be archived in perpetuity by law are the recordings of the cases handled by this Justice, both criminal and civil, handwritten in large, leather-bound volumes.

A lot of cases covered in the criminal case dockets involved theft, but every so often a case of a more intense nature shows up, such as shown in the examples below. Authors and writing teachers could get fascinating inspiration by leafing through these volumes.

mtJohnBooth_r…that one Clem Lee did unlawfully and criminally enter the hosue of affiant (John Booth) and there insult and attempt to kill one Ada Booth (wife of John Booth) by firing two shots at her from his revolver.

mtJohnBooth-pg-2_r(sworn by Eliza Lee)…that one John Booth did unlawfully shoot and shoot at Clem Lee with intent to kill.

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From the Antioch Bookplate Archives — 1930s/1940s part 9

Several of these designs (those with an “e”) had different designs bearing the same number in later years, and these early designs usually did not last in the catalogs more than a few years.

Among the name imprints are those of freelance artists who contributed designs to the Antioch Bookplate Company, but it cannot be assumed that the artist whose name was imprinted had anything to do with the sample bookplate. In the catalogs the name of staff, relatives and friends were used as an example of how a type style would look with a name imprint.

Antioch bookplate F-612e


Antioch bookplate F-613


Antioch bookplate F-614e


Antioch bookplate F-615e


Antioch bookplate F-619e


Antioch bookplate F-623_ or F-650

F-623 or F-650

Antioch bookplate F-624_RW

F-624 by Robert Whitmore

Antioch bookplate F-626 or G-7

F-626 or G-7, adapted from Stenzel 41

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Sidewalk Sale to Street Fair

It’s just a few days until the streets of downtown Yellow Springs are packed with vendors and tourists for the twice-yearly Street Fair on Saturday, June 13.

As the following picture shows in an overhead view taken in 1974 of Short Street, when Street Fair was known as the Sidewalk Sale, it was a much more leisurely event, mostly held for residents.

1974 Sidewalk Sale


The Yellow Springs Historical Society will have a booth Saturday, and for the first time our new mug will be available (show below), and we will continue to offer a range of books, including Jane Baker’s autobiography of William Mills, of special interest to anyone interested in the man whose name is borne by the new hotel and the elementary school.

Historical Society Souvenir Mug


Book Cover - William Mills: The Yellow Springs Man

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The final Mills “Residence”

Siding is being added in the Mills Park Hotel’s construction, making its resemblance to the original Mills House more evident.


Cemetery monument of William Mills

William Mills had one more piece of property, the last one, in Glen Forest Cemetery, shown left, but he apparently owned another plot which was then sold to Nelson Fields in 1863.

Scans of the warranty deed for the grave location  purchased by Fields from Mills were shared with the Yellow Springs Historical Society by Miami Township trustees who have taken responsibility for cemeteries in the township.

One thing to note in these scans is that the notary public witnessing the property transfer, Julius Cone, is the person associated with the 1855 Cone Map held at the Greene County Archives.

Wm-Mills-Deed-1 Wm-Mills-Deed-2 Wm-Mills-Deed-3 Wm-Mills-Deed-4


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Looking Back at Center Stage — 1983-1984

YSCSLogo-Collage1983 and 1984 were some of the busiest years at Yellow Springs Center Stage, adding Shakespeare into the usual mix of musicals, comedies and drama. Two of Gilbert and Sullivan’s lesser-known operettas were performed with the goal of eventually performing their complete works.

Morning's at Seven

Morning’s at Seven

Mornings7_03February 18-20 and 24-27, 1983 — by Paul Osborne, directed by Jean Hooper

A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

MidS_07June 10-12, 16-19 and 23-26, 1983 — by William Shakespeare, directed by Meredith Dallas



The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer

August 5-7 and 11-14, 1983 — by Gilbert and Sullivan, directed by Jean Hooper with musical direction by Ruth Bent





I Love My Wife

October 7-9 and 13-16, 1983 — by Michael Stewart, Cy Coleman and Luis Rego, directed by Becky Brunsman




November 11-13 and 17-20, 1983 — by David Rabe, directed by Tony Dallas




A Shot in the Dark

ShotDark_04February 10-12 and 16-19, 1984 — by Marcel Achard (adapted by Harry Kurnitz), directed by Rebecca Eschliman



The Sea Horse

The Sea Horse

SeaHorse_01April 6-8 and 12-15, 1984 — by Edward J. Moore, directed by Meredith Dallas




The Sound of Vincent

The Sound of Vincent

May 11-13 and 16-20, 1984 — a one-woman show written and performed by Dorothy Laming, directed by Tony Dallas



Princess Ida

Princess Ida

July 13-15, 19-22 and 26-29, 1984 — by Gilbert & Sullivan, directed by Jean Hooper with musical direction by Ruth Bent




The Bat

The Bat

November 2-4 and 8-11, 1984 — by Mary Roberts Rinehart and Avery Hopwood, directed by Cheryl Welch



Amahl and the Night Visitors

Amahl and the Night Visitors

December 7-9 and 13-16, 1984 — by Gian-Carlo Menotti, directed by Jean Hooper with musical direction by Cary Howard






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