Opera House Program

Dave Neuhardt kindly shared scans of a very fragile printed program from the Opera House.  As far as when the program was presented, Dave had this to say: “I didn’t see a year anywhere, although you might get close by figuring out in which years Thursday, Friday and Saturday fell on those days in November. It would have to be 1890 (which I think is the year the opera house opened) by while the YS Weekly Citizen was still being published. My assumption is that it is late 1890’s, but I didn’t try to match the advertisers to any particular period.”

Several of the advertisers were still in existence on the 1918 hand-drawn map of the business district:

Ridgway Pharmacy (vaguely where the Wine Cellar is now)

H. Dickman, The Tinner (probably south of the Little Art Building)

Thanks to Dave for this snapshot of both the kind of entertainment popular at the time, and the kinds of enterprises supporting the entertainment.

Opera House program page 1

Program page 1

Opera House Program page 2

Progam page 2

Opera House Program page 3

Program page 3

Opera House Program page 4

Program page 4

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Celebration in costume

Thanks to the generosity of Dave Huber, the Yellow Springs Historical Society is custodian of a collection of several hundred glass negatives originally collected by Howard Kahoe from the early 20th century. The subjects are mostly of Antioch and Yellow Springs.

This festive group is one of the few without any kind of identification, but it isn’t hard to guess whom the man of the far right portrays in this costume tableau from American history.


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From the Antioch Bookplate Archives — 1930s/1940s part 15

Although most designs were aimed at general or scholarly interests, one wonders at the target for such odd designs as M-74, (printed in black and red on ungummed yellow stock as G-518). Only M-75 and M-80 had any longevity in the bookplate catalogs.

F-646 and F-653 were designed by Robert Zerlin, an artist primarily known for his sculpture.

The artwork for M-78 includes the artist’s imprint “LBY”, but there is no record of to whom it refers.

M-80 was  adapted by frequent freelancer for Antioch Bookplate Owen Wise from the 1862 painting “Galahad” by George Frederick Watts

Antioch bookplate M[-74


Antioch bookplate G-518


Antioch bookplate F-506 or M-82

F-506 or M-82

Antioch bookplate M-75


Antioch bookplate F-646




Antioch bookplate M-78


Antioch bookplate M-80


Sir Galahad

“Sir Galahad” by George Frederick Watts


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Come and Share

Portion of woven coverlet

Portion of woven coverlet

This portion of a woven coverlet donated to the Yellow Springs Historical Society as part of the Carr collection is an example of helpful information on an artifact, but finding information as part of an item is the exception, rather than the rule.

The importance of an item, whether over a century or a few decades old, derives from its story, and sharing those stories is one way of bringing the past into the present.

One usually thinks of historical artifacts as connected to a major figure or event, like a program saved from the time Dr. Martin Luther king gave the commencement address at Antioch or a medal earned in war, but a quilt square commemorating friendships or a well-worn tool preserved in honor of craftsmanship equally deserved to be shared, and the Yellow Springs Historical Society is giving its members and others an opportunity to do so.

Bring your items and their stories to share Sunday, November 15, to the Senior Center Great Room at 2:00 pm. Share your own stories, enjoy those of others, and enjoy light refreshments. There is no charged, and being a member of the Yellow Springs Historical Society isn’t required (although it would be delightful if you were to join).

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Looking Back at Center Stage — 1995-1996

YSCSLogo-Collage1995 was the last really active year for Center Stage, with comedies, drama (including Shakespeare) and a production by the YS Arts Council-supported Children’s Workshop.

The Zoo Story

The Zoo Story

January 27-29 and February 2-5, 1995 — by Edward Albee, directed by Dan Davis


The Road to Mecca

March 17-19 and 23-26, 1995 — by Athol Fugard, directed by Barbara McQuiston


Play It Again, Sam

May 12-14 and 18-21, 1995 — by Woody Allen, directed by Larry Corressel


Weekend Comedy

June 30, July 1-3 and 7-9, 1995 — by Jeanne and Sam Bobrick, directed by Roger Krass

Rumpelstiltskin TV 99 News

July 14, 1995 — by the Center Stage Children’s Creative Drama Workshop, directed by Carolion

The Forest

The Forest

[late summer 1995] — by the Children’s Workshop, Yellow Springs Arts Council

The Tragedie of Macbeth

The Tragedie of Macbeth

September 8-10, 15-17 and 22-24, 1995 — by William Shakespeare, directed by Larry Corressel

Witness for the Prosecution

Witness for the Prosecution

November 10-12 and 17-19, 1995 — by Agatha Christie, directed by Roger Krass

More Tales from Br'er Rabbit

More Tales from Br’er Rabbit

December 8-10 and 15-17, 1995 — directed by Felicia Chappelle

 Pop Wagner Returns!

Pop Wagner Returns!

February 8-10, 1996 — concert performance

Dear Liar

Dear Liar

[Spring 1996, cancelled due to illness]

Rocket to the Moon

Rocket to the Moon

[Spring-Summer 1996] — created by the Center Stage Children’s Cultural Workshop

Trash Can Princess

Trash Can Princess

August 16-18, 1996 — written by Carolion from the work of the Center Stage Children’s Creative Workshop, directed by Ara Beal

Noel and Gertie

Noel and Gertie

November 15-17, 22-24, 30 and December 1-2, 1996 —by Sheridan Morley, directed by Jean Hooper

REVIVAL: 'Twas the Night Before

REVIVAL: ‘Twas the Night Before

Twas_01December 13-15 and 20-22, 1996 — by Jerry Boswell and Tim Rowe, directed by Jerry Boswell















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Peculiar Pioneers?

The unhappy fact of family history is that many necessary details are shed from photographs and artifacts like dead scales from a serpent as the accumulation of a family’s belongings get redistributed as families develop.

This photograph, found without any kind of documentation deep in the closet of the Yellow Springs Library Association’s archives before they were organized and moved to the Greene Room at the Xenia Public Library, was first shared on this blog in August of 2011.

It raises numerous questions, besides the basic one of who they were: Why is there no adult woman (unless she was behind the camera)? Where was the cabin located (was it even in the Yellow Springs area)? The group seems quite formally dressed for the rustic nature of the cabin so what was the occasion?

Unknown persons in an unknown location

Unknown persons in an unknown location

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Share Your Story – 2nd Show and Tell

Because last year’s Show and Tell was so informative and enjoyable the YS Historical Society wants to give its members and others an opportunity to share more of your personal connections to history. If you have an interesting item with or without a family history (a letter, a painting, a photo of a piece of furniture, a map, a milk pitcher, or a coin etc.), please bring it and share its history. Any item is welcomed and does not have to be related to Yellow Springs.


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Xenia Gazette Reports on Tavern Ghosts

In honor of Halloween, the Xenia Gazette included the history of Ye Olde Trail Tavern in its special coverage.

Tavern said to be haunted

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The More Things Change…

This week away from elections, as voters ponder their choices, they might be amused (or disheartened) to see the priorities for the village as expressed by the Yellow Springs REVIEW on December 8, 1882 (and reprinted in the 1956 Centennial special issue of the Yellow Springs News):

“There are many people in our town who would like to see:
Brick placed on our sidewalks;
President Arthur in evening dress;
The mud carted from off our streets;
A new city building erected on Xenia Ave.;
Some system to the lighting of street lamps;
The college open next term with 400 students;
The laws of the village protected and lived up to;
The city council brace up and do something, any thing, to relieve the monotony”

Dayton Steet before paved roads (photo courtesy of Antiochiana)

Dayton Street before paved roads (photo courtesy of Antiochiana)

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Burdick Motors

Focus on transportation currently in Yellow Springs is more likely to be on bicycles, but in previous years there were several automobile vendors, Village Ford where Village Automotive now does business and Bales Chevrolet in the building at 100 Corry Street that now houses gift shops, art galleries and a hairdressing salon.

Doing business even earlier was Burdick Motors. A descendant donating the photograph shown below included the following information:

“Burdick Motors was owned and operated by Robert Gregory (Greg) Burdick in the late 1940’s after WWII. He was only allowed one or two vehicles at a time to sell due to material shortages. His lot was where the greenhouse seating area is of what is now Williams Eatery and Gathering Place. His garage or showroom, as shown in this picture, was across the street.

Donated to the Yellow Springs Historical Society by Ann (Burdick) Fischer Clifford

Donated to the Yellow Springs Historical Society by Ann (Burdick) Fischer Clifford

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