From the Antioch Bookplate Archives – 1930s/1940s part 11

Another motley collection, with some designs for general interest and a few fairly specific themes.

Antioch bookplate F-639

F-639, unusual for being printed in dark blue

Antioch bookplate F-641

F-641, designed by either Virginia Phillips or Dorothy Oakes

Antioch bookplate M-16


Antioch bookplate M-21


Antioch bookplate M-29

M-29, initials “F.D.” indicate that Francis Dawson was the likely designer.

Antioch bookplate M-32


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Family Reunion?

Another photograph from Antiochiana’s collection of unidentified subjects.

Large_FamilyWho were they, and what was the purpose of the gathering? To whom did the house belong, and is it still standing?

At least somewhat buffered by the comfort of air conditioning as we are, can we appreciate what it must have been like to spend hot and humid days in multiple layers, and would at least some of the members of this party have taken refuge behind the hanging ivy to cool off after the photographer left?

Almost the entire assembly has a sober attitude and are holding still for the photographer, which makes the detail of the blur of the wriggly little girl at lower left all the more charming.


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Public Records Curiosities — Counting the Votes

mtTreasures_rThese days vote tallying is a matter of bits, bytes and pixels, but in the 19th century (and much of the 20th) vote counts were noted in a series of carefully drawn tick marks in official poll tally forms, like this local example from 1887.

Because public records like this one must be maintained by law, smaller communities like Miami Township might have a hard time preserving them, but there are official regional archives approved to collect and maintain such documents. Wright State University Library is the approved archive for our region, and the Miami Township public records found in storage have now been turned over, and once the collection has been processed, it will be available for research.

Because small local governments have little or no staff to devote to historic records maintenance it is possible that volumes or single documents may have “wandered off,” and anyone who frequents estate auctions, flea markets or online sources like eBay may run across a volume or booklet, raising the thorny question of how to retrieve them to make sure they get included the archival collection. It’s unlikely that a local government agency has the budget elastic enough to pay the vendor. Should one contact the local government staff or the regional archive staff? Greene County for several years now has had its own official and professionally maintained records archive and may be a good source of advice. [Additional comment from retired archivist Gillian Hill: “…public records remain public records and should not be sold.  They belong to the public at large.  If someone holds a public record, he or she should contact the State Archives, Local Government Department at the Ohio History Connection in Columbus for the appropriate local government records repository to send it. (And certainly, the Greene County Archives on Ledbetter Road in Xenia could also advise.)”]

Also, please observe that all of the records sampled for this blog so far are done in cursive handwriting (often quite beautifully!). If cursive is no longer taught as regular part of elementary education, who will be able to read them in the next decades? Will cursive handwriting be relegated to a required course for a public history major at college or post-graduate level?


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Looking Back at Center Stage — 1987-1988

YSCSLogo-Collage1987 was the turning point in the history of Center Stage, being the last year of intense activity and also the year the final Gilbert & Sullivan operetta was produced.




The Member of the Wedding

The Member of the Wedding

February 20-21, 26-28 and March 1, 1987 — a co-production with Antioch College, by Carson McCullers, directed by Denny Partridge




JerrysGirlsJerrysGirlsMay 1-3 and 7-10, 1987 — by Jerry Herman, directed by Jerry Boswell




The Grand Duke

The Grand Duke

July 10-12, 16-19 and 23-26, 1987 — by Gilbert & Sullivan, directed by Jean Hooper with musical direction by Ruth Bent





RetirementOctober 30-31, November 1 and 5-8, 1987 — by Edward Percy and Reginald Denham, directed by George Talbott




A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

December 4-6 and 10-13, 1987 — a production of Little Miami Theater Works by Charles Dickens adapted by Jeffrey Hooper







???, 1988 — a production of Little Miami Theater Works






A Night at the Tropicana

A Night at the Tropicana

Tropicana_01October 7-9 and 13-16, 1988 — an original musical by Tim Rowe and Jerry Boswell, directed by Jerry Boswell




The Dining Room

The Dining Room

December 9-11 and 15-18, 1988 — by A. J. Gurney, directed by Michael Bertin





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Photo Questions/Program Reminder

The Yellow Springs


Do you have treasured photographs, newspaper articles, certificates of achievement, etc., that you wish to preserve in the best possible condition for either your descendants or an archive in a library or museum? This striking photo of the Yellow Spring, found among miscalleneous documents in the Antioch Bookplate Archives, is an example of what retired Greene County archivist Gillian Hill will address in the Yellow Springs Historical Society’s program on Sunday, July 19, “Care and Preservation of Family Documents and Treasures.”

It is not enough, however, to make sure such items are well preserved physically. The photo also illustrates the importance of preserving the information about it, because it was not identified in any way. When was it taken, and who are the subjects (the hairdos and clothing of the girls at least give a hint)? It has a rather formal composition, so what was the purpose (the Antioch Bookplate Company did job printing, so was it used in some sort of promotional tourist material)? Who took it (it was possibly taken by Axel Bahnsen, but no matter who the photographer, he or she deserves formal credit, whether for legal copyright purposes or for artistic pride)?

If anyone has answers to any of these questions, please let us know.

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YS Historical Society Program July 19

On Sunday, July 19, at 2:00 p.m in the Yellow Springs Senior Center Great Room the Yellow Springs Historical Society will present “Care and Preservation of Family Documents and Treasures.” Retired Greene County archivist Gillian Hill will share her expertise in preservation methods for maintaining family memorabilia and genealogical documents for future generations.

The program is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be provided.


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Public Records Curiosities — Civil Case Docket (or, “John Bryan’s Bad Dogs”)

mtTreasures_rA previous post gave an example of a case from the Justice of the Peace Criminal Case Docket, but this official also had oversight for civil cases.

The example shown below involves both a well-known citizen of Yellow Springs (John Bryan) and a common problem in both civil and criminal cases — uncontrolled dogs.


Milton Crabill vs. John Bryan before Charles Hamilton, Justice of the Peace — Nov. 18th, 1901

“Plaintiff says that he is a resident of Miami Township. Greene County, Ohio, and is the owner of a large flock of sheep and lambs, and has been such owner since June 8th, 1901, and from thereto, plaintiff further says that the defendant above named, John Bryan, is a resident of the township aforesaid, and was the owner or harborer of two certain dogs prior to and on said 8th day of June, 1901 and continued to be owner or harborer until about the 15th of June, 1901. Plaintiff further says that one of the dogs so owned or harbored by said defendant did on or about the 8th day of June, 1901, did chase, worry and injure his said flock of sheep and lambs, and did injure and wound on lamb and kill two sheep, all to the damage of said plaintiff in the sum of two hundred dollars.

Wherefore plaintiff asks damages against the said defendant in the sum of $200.00, together with his costs in this action, expended.”

Page from 1901 Civil Case Docket

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Downtown Summer

People in summer clothing strolling downtown with dogs and bicycles, small tables for outdoor eating — a familiar summer Yellow Springs sight.

Look again — the Casa Peru sign outside what is today the Yellow Springs Senior Center, the “76” sign instead of “BP” — indications that these summer shoppers are strolling through the downtown of about 50 years ago.

(photo courtesy of Antiochiana)

(photo courtesy of Antiochiana)

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From the Antioch Bookplate Archives — 1930s/1940s part 10

Several of these bookplates have the designer’s monogram, and although the records no longer exist to confirm, because the same monogram was used on bookplate designs for which there are existing records a reasonable guess can be made as to the artist responsible.

M-17 is signed “RBS” — likely Robert B. Sprague.

M-19 is signed “FD” — likely Francis Dawson, and the lettering style of “Ex Libris” would tend to confirm it.

M-24 is not signed at all, but the format is identical to the seahorse design known to be done by Balfour Ker.

Antioch bookplate F-633


Antioch bookplate F-634


Antioch bookplate F-638 or M-44

F-638 or M-44

Antioch bookplate M-17


Antioch bookplate M-19


Antioch bookplate M-23


Antioch bookplate M-24


Antioch bookplate M-28


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Looking Back at Center Stage — 1985-1986

YSCSLogo-Collage1985 and 1986 continued to be busy years for Center Stage, with guest performances by Little Miami Theater Works and the Mount Hope West Virginian Touring Company added to local productions (including the continuing project of presenting all the Gilbert & Sullivan operettas).



Bell, Book and Candle

Bell, Book and Candle

BellBook-bwFebruary 15-17 and 21-24, 1985 — by John van Druten, directed by Rebecca Eschliman




Forgotten Crossroads

Forgotten Crossroads

ForgottenXrdsApril 5-7 and 11-14, 1985 — guest performance by Little Miami Theater Works, written and directed by Jeffrey Hooper





ColeMay 24-26 and 30-31, June 1-2, 1985 — by Allen Strachan and Benny Green, directed by Jerry Boswell







July 19-21 and 25-26, August 1-4, 1985 — by Gilbert and Sullivan, directed by Jean Hooper with musical direction by Ruth Bent




Entertaining Mr. Sloane

Entertaining Mr. Sloane

October 25-27 and November 1-3, 1985 — by Joe Orton, directed by Jerry Boswell




Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

November 29-30, December 1, 5-8 and 12-14, 1985 by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Weber, directed by Jack Bradford








January 10-12, 1986 — guest performance by the Mount Hope West Virginian Touring Company written by Jerome Alden





The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters

February 28, March 1-2 and 6-9, 1986 by Anton Chekhov, directed by Tony Dallas




The Last Song of John Proffit

The Last Song of John Proffit

April 4-6 and 10-13, 1986 — guest performance by Little Miami Theater Works, written by Tommy Thompson





The Chalk Garden

The Chalk Garden

May 16-18 and 22-25, 1986 by Enid Bagnold, directed by Meredith Dallas




Utopia Limited

Utopia Limited

July 18-20, 24-27 and 31, August 1-3, 1986 — by Gilbert and Sullivan, directed by Jean Hooper with musical direction by Ruth Bent




The Unexpected Guest

The Unexpected Guest

October 24-26 and 30-31, November 1-2, 1986 — by Agatha Christie, directed by Grant Haworth



The Gift of the Magi

The Gift of the Magi

December 12-14 and 18-21, 1986 — an original musical by Peter Ekstrom, directed by Jean Hooper with musical direction by Karen Lutz


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